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About ukmistresslive.Webcam sessions of online Domination by a serious pro-domme with over 15yrs experience of online BDSM as well as Real time Live sessions

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 I'm an extremely powerful and Severe Mistress who gets a kick from taking advantage of weak,ibicilic little loser bitches like you.I am a mean bitch who you will grow to fear and adore

Enter one of my femdom cam rooms and you'll be drawn into my web. Be under no mistake, you will desire to worship, adore, serve and grovel for me. Your every waking moment will be spent making sure I am correctly served and my every whim is catered for. I'll manipulate you fuck with your head till I am all you can think about 24/7. All you will want to do will be to log into my camsites and come to my cam room and enter my domain.

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Imaginative, sadistic, gorgeous, cruel, stunning, heartless and powerful. All words that accurately describe me to a T. From my  long blond hair to my beautiful big blue eyes and to my ample, heaving cleavage I am every man's ideal fantasy woman. You can only dream of having a woman like me. I'm certain you already do. I am WAY outta your league though. The only way I'd even consider acknowledging your being will be if you to pay me to. A lot. Tribute me, shower me with gifts and money, enter my webcamsessions and have your wallet out micro dick. I really coudnt give a shit about you so long as you are paying me for my time. You are NOTHING to me but a walking wallet. a human atm paypig.

You only exist to serve and pay me

Prove your devotion to me. Show me how useless and loserlike you are by entering a femdom cam session with me and let me abuse, humiliate and degrade you till youre a pile of snot and tears. 

I enjoy nothing more than bringing grown men to their knees and teasing, tormenting and humiliating them till they are broken and nothing more than mush

​Being a dominant yet confusingly friendly Mistress I take pleasure in lulling you to a false sense of security. You think I wont abuse you and I may even convince you I like you. You will be wrong. I am the most twisted, evil female you will ever have the misfortune to come across. I am what you call a complete mind fuck bitch. I love to make you believe we get on and that I quite like you when in actual fact that is the complete opposite of what is going on. I just enjoy playing with your head, to keep you dangling from my finger tips and keep you coming back for more.

My one mission in life will become to totally RUIN and destroy you mentally, physically and psychologically. I don't give a toss about anything else.

If you are in agony I will laugh

If youre scared I will laugh

If your humiliated I will laugh

If your neighbour,gf/ wife catches you I wont care
I will drain you financially till your credit is maxed, your bank's overdrawn and your wifes chucked you out and your living in a box on the streets. Guess what?  I  will laugh. I'll simply toss you to the kerb and move on the next wanker.  You can also check us out at

I am an extremely destructive, opininated, moody and nasty bitch. I detest time wasting wankers and free loaders. I can spot a time waster miles off so dont even test me. I will weed you out and send you packing. 
I am a serious pro-dominatrix and I am only interested in serious players and genuine submissives.

I enjoy watching you on your cam if youve got one, and seeing you scurry around and giving you commands and orders of things to do for me.

I also enjoy full ownership of my slaves and of collaring you to show that you are mine. I want you to note that if you agree to this you will buy a slave contract and will not, under ANY circumstances, visit other Mistresses when under full ownership to me. the consequences will be severe and devestating.

Mistress will see through all threats she makes. There is no bluffing on my part. If you say you want it "real" then be prepared for what comes your way.

I get off on online slave training cam showa and i will be making up different packages for slaves to buy, consisting of tasks you need to do and orders to be carried out .

Please watch out  and keep an eye on my blog for updates  

​I have to admit i do enjoy adult baby cams 
What i enjoy

Mistress enjoys the following types of sessons /scenarios

Cbt (cock n ball torture)
forced feminisation
Strap on play
splosh play
Adult babies
orgasm control
nipple torture
Blackmail scenario
Financial Domination ( serious players)
Contracts ( need to be discussed and paid for)
All form of Humiliation from sph ( small penis humiliation) to public humiliation, made to wank outdoors or at your flat mates bedroom door i love daring risky play.
Rope play
All  night prisoner (see seperate page for these details)


Smoking, nails, boots, pvc, latex, rubber, leather, gas masks,heels, platforms,panties,wigs, teeth,mouth
the list of fetishes endless I love them all including you being nasty with toilet play

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Watch me on webcam live now! Want to be my .my servant, my loser, ? Do you need online domination/humiliation and ownership? If so and  lets get you under my boots where you belong loser
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