Guided Masturbation on Webcam
I cant get enough of giving guided masturbation to my slaves and sissies. To be in charge of their masturbation methoeds and direct them on how quickly they masturbate or how slowly. What way they do it or for how long also gives me immense pleasure and amusement because I know fine well just how desperate they get when I begin making them edge over and over. They know that dick is my property. Wank right to the edge for me bitch, but don't you DARE cum. 

I will decide if or even when that happens and I am in full control of it. Telling you how to wank that dicklet in any way I want it to be done is highly amusing for me and I love it when that look appears on your face that tells me you are now desperate for relief. Click here for jerk off instruction cams

I love to add my own little twists to my guided masturbation webcam shows. I have a sadistic nature and a twisted imagination so send me an email and we can talk about a guided masturbation show with yours truly. I love teasing and denying you, of exploring and controlling your cock and balls and making them mine with my seductive ways and after a little while you wont know which way is up. Guided masturbation on cam
guided masturbation on webcam
guided masturbation on webcam
guided masturbation on webcam
These three pictures above are of my slaves/sissies suffering guided masturbation with me on cam. I love telling them what to do and how to do it . Im a domme who loves to be in control and of guiding your wanking and im very descriptive and indepth about how I describe it and I make sure you obey every command. It actually turns me on as well as making me happy as I get off on having the control over someones pleasure. The control I have over your jerking off gets me off and I actually start to get wet. I call the shots, I make the rules and I issue the orders and it is me who decides when you are allowed to cum or if at all. I like to spice it up and add more into my jerk off instruction sessions by forcing you to edge a lot and having you use things like ice cubes, feathers, cloths etc so bring some things we can use to your session. Looking for Scottish phone sex lines? 
Send an email and lets get your guided masturbation under way. Enter a live femdom cam room and lets get started

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