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Well now ive got your attention let me explain to you what a woman wants and guess what, it aint a guy with a 2 inch dick you sport. You may have heard the phrase "size doesnt matter" but let me assure you, it does. Females want men with real big thick dicks cause they know how to use it properly and satisfy them with it. That thing youve got would barely be in and the fact you need tweezers to get it out is a sign that you just dont measure up to a realman. All of the dommes on this femdom webcam site are mean size queens and harsh humiliatrix dominants and they get off on every moment of cock mock they inflict on you.  You are of no use whatsoever to a woman and if youve actually managed to get a wife or a girlfriend and she's got to suffer that little little thing then I feel sorry for her!

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Here are some of the carrot cock wankers ive had the misfortune to have to see in the past in my femdom webcams sessions. They're the biggest jokes I have ever seen and they all deserve to be in my hall of shame! Ive always thought it odd that men canbe born with dicks so tiny. Why are they just not born female and be done with it? They have no other real purpose. Their only real job and purpose in life to a superior female like me is for me to laugh at, ridicule and humiliate. To take photos of their inch long wannabe cock to show all other Mistress friends so's they can have a laugh at them as well. share and share alike I always say!

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