Blackmail Mistress - Cam To Cam Fantasy Roleplay
Blackmail Fantasy Roleplay on Webcam

Fantasy blackmail scenarios with a heartless dominatrix. Simply choose a mistress on webcam and have a live femdom chat now. Remember, It is only roleplay that is offered, as in only consenual fetish blackmail!

Blackmail Femdom Mistress
Blackmail scenarios are an extremely popular requested session for most Mistresses online and it's definitely something I get asked for on a regular basis. I just love the thrill and the rush of adrenaline at the risk and my slave getting outed if he steps out of line. I have exposed many slaves and I will keep doing so if they dont do whats been commanded to them.
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Its an exciting fetish to have but also very risky and thats where the big thrill comes in for slave and sissies alike.
While your mistress will blackmail you with photos or letters, she might also decide its required to to be written into an unbreakable contract which you sign and you agree to the length of time and all the rules.
Lots of Mistresses will use teamviewer to access your pc remotely, take control of it and search through your history and documents, looking for any information they can get to use against you and blackmail you with.

It might happen that you'll have a picture taken and it'll then be used against you that it will appear on a femdom blog some where, other dommes will put your pictures on yours, theirs or someone randoms facebook page.

I like doing this as well as gaining access to some or all of your personal information, eg your gfs name, familys phone numbers, email, your buddies name  and cell number, your boss and other things that will have you panicing and eager to not piss me off. 
Well, theres no thrill in it for me if I dont have anything incriminating on you!

Tell your Mistress if you want real blackmail or just a fantasy scenario before you begin.

Blackmail fetish isnt for the faint of heart. It can really fuck up your head blackmail mistress cams
Theres much fun to be enjoyed by Mistress when she's in your head. When she has gathered all your personal information theres absolutely no way out for you. Not unless you buy yourself out and even then only if Mistress has said she'll allow this.
She might decide youve to perform tasks for her and send the proof via pictures. She might say youve to go and suck a big shemale cock or she might just decide you have to treat her to something nice. And if you dont wish anyone to find out about your dirty little secrets then you'd better obey and do every single thing she demands. Blackmail domination is often joined with findom where Mistress will blackmail you into giving her money.
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