"Cuckold webcam" sessions.This page will be about some of the humiliating ways I torment my pathetic little online cuckolds. I love having Master as part of a cuckold cam session. He's got a juicy,massive 10 inch dick that makes Mistress very happy. she loves comparing it to her inferior little cucks pin dick 

Mistress likes to laugh at her slaves and to abuse her pathetic little cucks in   as well as in the presence of Master, her realman boyfriend, especially if I think you deserve to be shown what a real man looks like. I have many cuckolds on cam, as well as lots who come to be in real time. I love to watch them squirm as I suck my real mans cock and it spurs me on more to abuse and laugh at them.

I love all sorts of cucks and all kinds of different scenarios are possible. Maybe you are not man enough to satisfy your wife or girlfriend (if you can get one that is!) and now she's moved on and found a new, real guy as your "pathetic one" just doesnt do enough (or infact anything) for her and let's be honest here, she deserves much better than a dweeb like you. Perhaps you could be the "fluffer" and suck his big dick to get him hard and then be the servant to clean them both afterwards? Perhaps it will turn them on to have you watch them or to listen into their fuck session?

Maybe your wife or girlfriend and yourself have been talking about doing this for real and require some help? If this is the case then feel free to email me and we can discuss how I can help.

Perhaps you will be forced to dress like a sissy and wear a chastity and be forced to look on as they have fun?

Perhaps you want to be my Cuck and let Master and I laugh and abuse you.

Mistress likes it dirty, nasty and as creative as possible. I love to do new things and explore new avenues and of pushing limits.
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This is Polly, a sissy cuck slut who came to Master and I for a real time session. We had an absolute ball tormenting this cucky bitch to within an inch of his life. The second he arrived Master ripped off all his clothes and took the last remaining shreds of his non existant manhood.

His male clothes were chucked into a black bin bag and put out with the other rubbish where they belonged. We then made him dress as a slut and ridiculed and abused him. We forced him to sit and admire Masters big hard dick as well as look on as we had fun. He was chucked Mistresses panties to wear and we left him tied on the floor and made him wear a chastity for over 2 hours. He also performed foot worship on Mistress as she and Master had fun

The entire session was amazing and we both had amazing fun tormenting this pathetic little cuckold bitch as he was left helpless on the floor as I sucked Masters dick. I bent him over and fucked his ass with my strapon then caned and whipped him as Master totally degrading him by calling him names and then wanked all over his face.

We totally destroyed him and robbed him of any shreds of dignity he had left. Nothing less than a pathetic useless little cuck deserve

Next we have Karen, a cuckold with a tiny dick and you can probably tell just by looking at the pic how truley pathetic this cuck is. In fact i couldn't even stomach having to look at him so I put a shower cap on him and pulled it over his head. His non existent cock is about 3 inches, if even that. Another small penis loser who wants my time. Master and I had some fun degrading this cucky wanker. We made him go on webcam and tell all and sundry what a pathetic loser he is and that he cant pleasure any women. We forced him to serve us both dinner in bed and he fed us grapes and brought our wine as we kissed and fooled around. He was put in chastity and tied to the bottom of the bed and left there to watch us, where useless little dick cucks belong.

Are you prepared to be my cuck? Yo be laughed at and humiliated by your Goddess? Cause you've got a tiny cock and no one wants you. Check out cruel  mistresses

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